Due to the coronavirus, the studio is currently closed; however we are keeping the classes on by moving to live online streaming. To sign up for these classes, call us at (201)238-9903 and we'll send you the invitation/details to connect to it.

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Reconnect to your body

and quiet the mind 

through stretching, 

breathing exercises, and meditation

About Us

Here at Sacred Souls Yoga, we've tried to create a warm, safe and peaceful place where you can reconnect with yourself through the practice of yoga. We believe that by moving your body with awareness you can open up the doors to your own emotional, mental and spiritual well-being; and with devotion to steady practice and diligence, also discover its natural ability to heal.


Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yug”, which means "to yoke" or union. In this ancient practice, the mind and body come together. People have been practicing yoga for thousands of years, and for many good reasons. There are many benefits that come with practicing yoga that affect the mind, body and soul. To list, here are just some of them:


For the mind:

- yoga strengthens focus, memory and concentration

- improves mental and psychological well-being, and has been proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.


For the body:

- it helps to improve flexibility

- improve strength in the muscles and bones

- lose weight

- lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure & improve heart health

- reduce chronic pain. 



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