Class descriptions

 Hatha Yoga I

This is a basic Hatha Yoga class suitable for those who are beginners, or more experienced students who are simply looking for a gentle/more slow-paced routine.


Each class consists of a combination of gentle relaxation, warm-up exercises (sun salutations), yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama).

Gentle/Meditative Yoga

If you are looking to unwind physically, mentally, or emotionally, this class is perfect for you! We start and end the class with a short meditation. In between we'll be doing some gentle movements to loosen up the joints and muscles, and then hold some poses for a few minutes each, allowing the body to relax and your mind to enter a deeper state of meditation.


Hatha Yoga II

An energetic Hatha yoga class designed for those at an intermediate or advanced level. Here we'll be doing some more challenging poses & breathing exercises.

Core Yoga

In this Core Yoga class, we'll be focusing on strengthening the core muscles (abdomen/belly and back muscles) through specific exercises, poses, and breathing exercises. Then, as in every class, we will end with some relaxation. 


This class is good for anyone wanting to:

- tighten the core muscles

- relieve back pain 

Kids Yoga

Give your kids the chance to explore themselves through yoga. Yoga can provide kids an opportunity to create body awareness, learn how to make the body strong, flexible, and healthy, cultivate focus, gain confidence, learn how to stay stress-free, and create emotional awareness and well-being. During each class, kids will do some asanas/postures and breathing exercises, all while having fun! All kids ages 5+ are welcome!


Komal Majmundar, Owner/ Yoga Instructor


Yoga was present in my life from a young age. I remember as a child there were yoga books around the house, and sometimes I would look through them and try poses.  But my curiosity was not much more than that until college, when I started struggling with anxiety and depression. One day, a close friend helped me through a panic attack by teaching me a breathing exercise and suggested I try yoga. His example was an inspiration for me, and set me on a path of self-discovery.  


After some time practicing on my own, I understood that I needed a teacher. I decided to get my certification and completed a Teacher Training course at Atmananda Yoga in Manhattan, where I taught classes before I decided to open my own studio. Ultimately, I hope that students who come in to take my yoga classes experience more physical vitality and better emotional health.